About Me

I am Anna Amoros
Mum, Wife, Sportswoman, VA

At the nursery, I am known as mommy, a role that brings me immense joy and fulfillment.
At home, I am Bitanem (the one and only)
At work, I am Anna, a virtual assistant with a passion for making a difference.

I am a sports lover, whether it's running , cycling or swimming, I thrive on the thrill of pushing myself to new limits. I have run several half marathons and one triathlon.
Although my training has taken a backseat with the birth of my daughter, I know that one day I will pick up my training again.

As a virtual assistant, I am able to maximise every moment of my day and pursue my passions. I am a go-getter, an energetic and positive person who always brings my best to every task. My expertise in sales, customer service, lead generation and problem solving have sharpened my skills and set me up for success.

I believe that as entrepreneurs, we thrive on efficiency and productivity. I am here to help you maximise YOUR TIME and focus on what truly matters. Let's work together and make greatness happen!

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My journey starts when I decided to study Business Administration specialised in Marketing when I was 18 years old. 

When I finished my degree , I started to work as Production Manager at 21 years old, managing a team of women older than me, THAT was a challenge!

After 3 years, I neded a change. So I changed Country!Another Challenge!

When my English got better, I got a job as Sales Executive role dealing with Spanish customers. I loved it!

I realised that I love talking to people, understand their problems and offer them a solution. It is very rewarding when you can help them and have HAPPY customers.

I carried on as Salesperson gaining skills such a team management, analytical skills and problem solving but what I really love is Lead Generation. 

BUT, there is always a BUT, everything changed when I had my daughter. My mentality changed, I wanted to spend more time with her but at the same time, work and keep learning and developing my skills. That is why I decided to become a VA.  

So here I am, ready to MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER and MAKE YOU HAPPY too!

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